Lodge New Application - Parking Permit



Permits are issued to residents for use at the Ticket Machine areas in Nelson Place and the Esplanade, Williamstown only and allow the holders to park free at the ticket machines although time restrictions still apply. Ticket machine permits cannot be used in permit zones, other restricted parking areas or at the boat ramps.

Note: Commercial businesses are only eligible to apply for one ticket machine parking permit.


Resident Parking Permits are issued to residents who live in a street that has timed parking restrictions with the exception of multi-unit developments. A vehicle displaying a resident parking permit is allowed to park in any permitted parking space within the section of the street specified on the permit and within the next nearest street. These permits may only be used in areas with time restrictions (e.g. 2 hour parking) or permit zones as specified on the permit, where vehicles may remain for longer than the time limits shown on the parking sign and when used in accordance with the permit conditions. It does not grant exemption to park in any prohibited zones, such as "No Standing or Loading Zones", and a permit does not guarantee that parking will be available in a resident's street.

Resident Parking Permits are only available to residents whose primary place of residence is within the municipality and who are living at the residence.

Resident parking permits also allow the permit holder to park free at ticket machine areas but the time restrictions still apply (refer to Ticket Machine Permits above).


Visitor permits are issued to residents living in time restricted streets only - one per household. They are for short stay visitors. Visitor permits can be transferred and used in any vehicle. A visitor permit is only valid for use in the section of the street specified on the permit and within the next nearest street. Visitor permits may be used on light vehicles only.

Visitor permits do not exempt the vehicle owner from paying parking fees in ticket parking areas. A fee will apply for replacement Visitor permits.

Please Note: Permits must be displayed as per the conditions of use at all times. Vehicles parked with permits that are not displayed correctly or are illegible to a person standing outside a vehicle may be subject to the issue of a penalty infringement notice.


Permits will only be issued to genuine residents of Hobsons Bay who are able to supply relevant proof of resident status and that the vehicle is registered to their address (acceptable proof documents include drivers licence, rates notice, lease of premises AND vehicle registration, insurance document or contract of sale).


If you have a company car, please supply a letter from your employer on company letterhead stating that the vehicle is assigned to you and garaged at your Hobsons Bay address.


Permits will not be issued to vehicles in excess of 3 tonnes gross weight or trucks, trailers, caravans or motorcycles. Visitor permits may be used on any light vehicle.


Parking permits do not allow the holder to park vehicles on footpaths, nature strips, No Stopping areas, or Loading Zones etc.


Resident and ticket machine permits must be affixed to the passenger side of the windscreen in the bottom corner so that it is visible to Council’s parking officers.

Note: If a permit is not displayed or displayed incorrectly, you may receive an infringement notice. Residents are required to purchase tickets until their permit is displayed on their vehicle.

Council must be notified if the vehicle is disposed of or if the owner moves from the area and in either case, the permit is to be removed from the vehicle.


Tradesperson's parking permits are available for tradespeople conducting works in either residential or commercial zones. Applications must be in writing and provide proof of the work being undertaken. Fees apply for Tradesperson's permits (for a maximum of twelve weeks). Temporary permits can be issued on request in special circumstances such as for someone house-sitting for a period of weeks. Applications must be in writing and permits will only be issued for a period of one month. Each household is entitled to one temporary permit in a twelve-month period. Fees apply for these permits.